luni, 1 februarie 2010

Lista emoticoane generala

Emoticoanele cunoscute sau mai putin cunoscute

happy :) happy
sad :( sad
winking ;) winking
big grin :D big grin
batting eyelashes ;;) batting eyelashes
big hug >:D< big hug
confused :-/ confused
love struck :x love struck
blushing :"> blushing
tongue :P tongue
kiss :-* kiss
broken heart =(( broken heart
surprise :-O surprise
angry X( angry
smug :> smug
cool B-) cool
worried :-S worried
whew! #:-S whew!
devil >:) devil
crying :(( crying
laughing :)) laughing
straight face :| straight face
raised eyebrows /:) raised eyebrows
rolling on the floor =)) rolling on the floor
angel O:-) angel
nerd :-B nerd
talk to the hand =; talk to the hand
call me :-c call me
on the phone :)] on the phone
at wits' end ~X( at wits’ end
wave :-h wave
time out :-t time out
day dreaming 8-> day dreaming
sleepy I-) sleepy
rolling eyes 8-| rolling eyes
loser L-) loser
sick :-& sick
don't tell anyone :-$ don’t tell anyone
no talking [-( no talking
clown :O) clown
silly 8-} silly
party <:-P party
yawn (:| yawn
drooling =P~ drooling
thinking :-? thinking
d'oh #-o d'oh
applause =D> applause
nail biting :-SS nail biting
hypnotized @-) hypnotized
liar :^o liar
waiting :-w waiting
sigh :-< sigh
phbbbbt >:P phbbbbt
cowboy <):) cowboy
I don't want to see X_X I don't want to see
hurry up! :!! hurry up!
rock on! \m/ rock on!
thumbs down :-q thumbs down
thumbs up :-bd thumbs up
it wasn't me ^#(^ it wasn't me
pirate* :ar! pirate*

Si cele ascunse ...
puppy dog eyes :o3
I don't know :-??
not listening %-(
pig :@)
cow 3:-O
monkey :(|)
chicken ~:>
rose @};-
good luck %%-
flag **==
pumpkin (~~)
coffee ~O)
idea *-:)
skull 8-X
bug =:)
alien >-)
frustrated :-L
praying [-O<
money eyes $-)
whistling :-"
feeling beat up b-(
peace sign :)>-
shame on you [-X
dancing \:D/
bring it on >:/
hee hee ;))
chatterbox :-@
not worthy ^:)^
oh go on :-j
star (*)
hiro o->
billy o=>
april o-+
yin yang (%)
bee :bz
transformer* [..]


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